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Metricool the Ultimate Content Scheduler for Bloggers

If you’re a blogger, then you know how important it is to have a content schedule. There’s so much to keep track of – from brainstorming ideas to writing drafts to publishing and promoting your posts. And if you’re juggling all of this yourself, it can be tough to keep everything organized. That’s where Metricool comes in.


Metricool is the ultimate content scheduler for bloggers. It’s an easy-to-use content planning tool that helps you plan, write, and publish your posts with ease. Plus, it comes with some handy features like post templates and a social media scheduler. So if you’re looking for a content scheduler that will make your life easier, then this app is the way to go.


metricool the ultimate content scheduler for bloggers

What is Metricool?

Metricool is a social media planner that helps you unify and schedule your posts for all your social media accounts. Easily connect your social media profiles and schedule your media content ahead of time using the app. Essentially it’s a digital tool for social media that will save you time and boost your social network’s performance. You can use it to track analytics, manage ad campaigns, and get insights into your social media activity. You can also use it to schedule content, so you can focus on creating great content instead of worrying about when to post it.


How to use Metricool?

Metricool is a powerful social media scheduling tool that enables you to schedule your content, track your social media profiles across all networks, and measure your results. With Metricool, you can easily plan your social media content and track your progress on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These social profiles can all be connected to Metricool in one platform.

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Metricool Pricing

Metricool social media planner is one brand that allows you to manage your social media metrics in an organized way. It starts at $12 USD per month the paid plan gives you access to additional brands, features and posts. However, if you’re a blogger and not planning that much content for multiple brands but for yourself, you can totally get away with only using the free plan which allows you to post up to 50 posts across all social media networks. Making it one of the most affordable social media schedulers out there.

metricool social media scheduler

Benefits of Scheduling Your Social Media Content with Metricool?

Metricool is a powerful social media content scheduling tool that can save users a significant amount of time. The planner feature provides users with an overview of their scheduled content, allowing them to make adjustments as needed. Here are just some of the features you can find in the Metricool app.


Metricool social media content scheduler allows you to:
  • Schedule content in advance
  • Get an overview of your content calendar
  • Automatically post content to social media
  • Receive insights and analytics on your content and so much more…


1. Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and reporting are essential for any social media manager. The Metricool Analytics is robust and easy to understand. Easily see how your content is performing and make changes accordingly. In addition to planning, Metricool also allows you to see the optimal times to post based on the analytics it provides within the app. This way, you can maximize your reach and engagement. What I really like is the fact that you can also view the traffic to your website within Metricool, making it truly an all-in-one platform to see how your contact is doing across social media networks.


2. Social Media Content Planning

When creating social media content, it’s important to have a plan. This means knowing what content you want to post when you want to post it, and how often. The Metricool app can help with this by allowing you to schedule your social media content ahead of time and see which times get the most engagement. You can also see what content is most popular with your audience. Metricool’s interface is simple and easy to use, this is crucial for creating a social media content strategy as a blogger.


3. Real-Time Social Media Management

It is estimated that in 2022, over 80% of the world will be using social media. This has resulted in businesses turning to real-time social media management tools to help them schedule their social media content. This allows businesses to plan and publish content on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms in real time. Metricool has everything in one place, which makes it easier to manage all your social media accounts without having to jump between apps.


4. SmartLinks Feature

The SmartLinks feature is a great way to connect your social media platform and post links in your bio. This social media tool allows you to share links with your followers and helps you track how many people click on each link, this is great to share your affiliate links or blog posts you want your followers to know about.


With so many social media content planners out there it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with which one is the best for you. The Metricool planner is an amazing content scheduler for bloggers that offers a wide variety of features to help you plan and execute your content strategy with ease and is definitely a must-try scheduler for anyone in the blogging game. With so many advantages of using a social media planner like Metricool, it’s a must-have for any blogger or creator.


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