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5 Actionable Tasks To Do When You’re In A Blogging Slump

With a fresh year, it’s common to experience feeling unmotivated! If you’re running a successful blog or want to learn how to start a professional blog these are 5 Actionable tasks to do when you’re in a blogging slump to help you be productive.

Creative blocks are common when it comes to bloggers and happen more often than you might think. These blogging steps will help you focus on other aspects of your blog even when your brain refuses to come up with new content ideas. 


actionable tasks to do when you're in a blogging slump

Actionable tasks to do when you’re in a blogging slump



Revamp your website

Use the time to revamp your website! Change up the colours, landing pages, your home page. There are many small updates you can do to make the user experience a little bit better. There are so many things you can do to your website, chances are you’ve probably haven’t updated old pages or content living on your blog in months if not years. These things can easily be overlooked especially if you’re always focusing on new blog posts.

Ideas on what you can update;

  • Update your home page

  • Update your brand fonts and colours

  • Relook at your landing pages, like about, contact page to ensure that correct information is displaying


Update your opt-ins

If you have created opt in’s to attract more people to join your email list, then have a look at your email opt in’s, remove those that are no longer relevant or update them where you need to. Perhaps you’re sharing a previous years guide that is no longer relevant. It’s probably a good idea to update it.


Relook at old blog posts

If you just need feeling up to creating brand new content, you already have so many posts living on your website that you can tweak! Again, you might be sharing strategies or content that can be modified. With the world of social media constantly changing, you will probably find tips you shared last year has changed.

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Update your graphics

While you sprucing up your website, look into updating your blog graphics so that they are more on brand. This is definitely needed if you’ve recently had a brand update and images no longer look on brand. I suggest updating your graphics while you’re looking at your old blog content. Yes, it can be extremely time-consuming especially if you have hundreds of blog posts.

You can also create new Pinterest posts to reshare your old blog posts, this allows you to create more traction and visibilities on blog posts that might have been forgotten.


Relook and update your social media profiles

Hands up if you haven’t updated your social media profiles and bios in a while? Maybe you just haven’t had the time, during your blogging slump focus on refreshing your social media profiles update that bio and image. Good idea to also share a link to your email landing page to get more people to join your email list.

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Being in a blogging slump doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing. This gives you the opportunity to focus on other parts of your blog you simply haven’t had the time to do. Starting a new year with a fresh look is always a great way to keep yourself motivated. Who knows. This might spark some brilliant new content ideas!


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  1. Rachel

    All really good tips, I have re-written some old posts and updated packaging photos as brands evolve and things change x

    • Candice Sandler

      That’s brilliant – there’s so much that can be done to ensure your website is optimized and up to date.

  2. Corinne

    I have sooo many things to do all the time! Broken links, internal links, SEO audits, updating social media schedules etc etc – the list is endless!

    Corinne x

    • Candice Sandler

      Haha, yeah – your website needs constant care!

    • Candice Sandler

      Thanks so much Danielle, glad you found them userful.


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