Subject Lines That Will Help Boost Email Open Rate
6 Mar, 2024

Are you struggling to get your subscribers to actually open your emails? Well, you’re in luck because today we’re diving into the world of subject lines. We all know that the subject line is the first thing people see when they receive an email, so it’s crucial to get it right. In this post, we’ll be sharing some tips and tricks for creating subject lines that will grab your subscribers’ attention and ultimately boost your email open rate. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, there’s something here for everyone. So grab a cup of coffee and let’s get into it!

Subject Lines That Will Help Boost Email Open Rate

What Is an Email Subject Line?

In a nutshell, an email subject line is basically a sneak peek into what the email is about. It’s like the headline of a newspaper article – it gives you a quick idea of what’s inside. A good subject line can grab your attention and make you want to open the email, while a bad one can make you want to hit delete without even reading it. So, when you’re writing an email, make sure to put some thought into the subject line. It can make all the difference to the quality of your email when writing your writing email subject lines!

Why Is Having a Good Email Subject Line Important?

Do you ever wonder why some emails seem to grab your attention right away while others get lost in your inbox? It all comes down to one little thing: the email subject line. Think about it. When scrolling through your email list, what catches your eye first? It’s not the content of the email, it’s the catchy email subject line that makes you stop and click. Whether you’re trying to reach potential customers with a email marketing campaign or simply want to make sure your important message actually gets opened and your audience read your emails, having a good email subject line is crucial.

And it’s not just about grabbing attention – a great subject line can also make your email stand out in a crowded inbox and increase the chances of being opened and read. But crafting the perfect subject line can be tricky. You want to pique the recipient’s interest without being spammy, and you don’t want to end up in the dreaded “unopened” pile.

So, whether you’re sending out marketing emails, a sales email, or trying to nail those cold email subject lines, understanding the importance of a good subject line is key when you send an email. So, let’s dive in and figure out how to make your email stand out from the rest by crafting catchy email subject lines that get a higher open rate.

Email Subject Line Best Practices

Your email subject line is like a tiny billboard fighting for attention in a crowded inbox. It needs to be clear, concise, and irresistibly clickable. Here are some best practices to make your newsletter subject lines that get you wanting more: 

  1. Add personalization: A personalized subject line can grab the recipient’s attention and make the email feel more relevant to them.
  2. Keep it short: A concise and simple subject line is more likely to be fully visible, especially on mobile devices, where many people read their emails.
  3. Use action, command, and/or emotional words: These types of words can make the subject line more compelling and encourage the recipient to open the email.
  4. Use numbers: Including numbers in the subject line can attract attention and make the email content more tangible.
  5. Use power words: Power words can trigger an emotional or psychological response in the recipient, making them more likely to open the email.
  6. Test your subject line: A/B testing different subject lines can help you determine which ones are most effective for your audience.
  7. Be descriptive: Clearly describe the content of the email to set the recipient’s expectations.
  8. Limit punctuation: Excessive punctuation can make the subject line look spammy and should be used sparingly.
  9. Use emojis carefully: Emojis can add visual interest to the subject line, but they should be used in moderation and be relevant to the content of the email.
  10. Open with a promise: Make a promise or offer something of value to the recipient to entice them to open the email.
  11. Ask questions: Asking a question in the subject line can pique the recipient’s curiosity and encourage them to open the email.
  12. Keep it concise and compelling: A compelling subject line that is also concise is more likely to grab the recipient’s attention.

Remember that the effectiveness of these practices can vary depending on your audience and the specific context of your email campaigns. It’s important to test different approaches to see what works best for your brand and your subscribers.

Tips to Get Your Emails Object

One one of the best ways to get your emails opened by your email list subscribers. Try these subject line tips to help you create an attention-grabbing subject line that will make any email recipient open emails.

Ask a Question

Ever heard the phrase “curiosity killed the cat”? Well, in the email world, it’s your key to success! Ask a question that piques interest and begs the reader to click for the answer. “Are you making these SEO mistakes?” or “Want to boost your sales without lifting a finger?” will leave them itching to find out more.

Spark Curiosity

Mystery is a powerful motivator. Use a hint of intrigue to pique their imagination. Instead of “New blog post,” try “Something amazing is happening…” or “What’s this secret I can’t tell you?” Their curiosity will compel them to open and discover the answer.

Use Personalisation

Nothing feels warmer than a personalized touch. Use the recipient’s name or reference something specific to them. “Hey Sarah, your free discount code awaits” or “Don’t miss this event, [city]!” will make them feel valued and engaged.

Don’t Forget Emojis

A sprinkle of emojis can add visual interest and personality to your great email subject lines. “Get ready to celebrate!” or “Exclusive offer just for you!” will instantly grab attention and add a touch of fun.

Remember, as part of your email marketing strategy, keep in mind that these are just tips, not strict rules. Experiment, test, and see what resonates with your audience. By injecting a dose of curiosity, personalization, and emoji flair, you’ll craft subject lines that sizzle and leave your readers begging for more! The aim is to entice your readers to open an email they receive from you and boost your email open rate.


Email Subject Line Examples to Get You Started

When you get an email, keep these great examples in your email marketing idea bank.


  1. 🤔 Blogger Burnout? 🤯 5 Signs You Need a Content Vacation! 🏖️
  2. 😱 You’ve Been Writing Headlines Wrong! 😳 (Here’s the Fix!) 📈
  3. 🧠 Want More Comments? 🤔 This Secret Weapon Boosts Engagement! 🚀
  4. 👋 Blogger Friend, 👋 Are You Using the Right SEO Tools? 🕵️‍♀️ (Quiz Inside!)
  5. 🔥 Steal My Strategy: How I Grew My Blog to 10k Followers 🤩 (No Ads!)


  1. 🤫 The Secret to Writing Content That Sells (Without Feeling Salesy)🤫
  2. 🤯 This One Blogging Trick Will Change Everything You Thought You Knew 🤯
  3. 🕵️‍♀️ I Hacked the Algorithm: 🤯 My Traffic Exploded Overnight! 📈
  4. 🤑 Can You Really Make Money Blogging in 2023? 🤑 (Here’s My Proof!) 💰
  5. 🎉 I Quit My Job to Blog Full-Time! 🎉 Here’s What Happened… 😱


  1. 👋 [Name], Guess What? Your Blog Post is Going Viral! 🎉 (Seriously!)
  2. 🥺 Oh No, [Name]! 😭 Don’t Make This Common Blogger Mistake! 🙈
  3. 💬 You Asked, I Answered: Your [Top Blog Topic] Questions Solved! ❓
  4. 🧠 [Name], I Created a Free Blogging Course Just for You! 🧠 (Limited Spots!)
  5. 🤩 Happy Birthday, [Name]! 🥳 Here are My Top [Number] Blogging Tips for Your Year Ahead! 🎂


  1. 🎉 You Did It! 🍾🥂 (Your Latest Blog Post is 🔥🔥🔥!)
  2. 🚨 Warning: ⚠️ You’re Missing Out on This Content Goldmine! 💎
  3. 🤑 Don’t Waste Another Minute! ⏰ (Free Blogging Resources Inside!) 📚
  4. 🤩 Overwhelmed by Blog Ideas? 😩 This Tool Will Help! 💡
  5. 🥺 Feeling Uninspired? 😩 Here’s a Daily Dose of Creative Fuel! 🎨


  1. 🤫 P.S. This Hidden Trick Will Boost Your Blog Traffic by 2X! 🤫
  2. ⏰ You’ve Got 24 Hours to Grab This Exclusive Offer! ⏳ (For Bloggers Only!)
  3. 🤪 We’re Not Kidding, This Email is Bananas! 🍌 (But It’s Good for Your Blog!)
  4. 😴 Tired of the Same Old Blogging Tips? 🥱 This One’s Different (I Promise!)
  5. 🧠 Science Says: These Blog Headlines Get the Most Clicks! 🤯 (It’s True!)

Question + Curiosity:

  1. Can You Spot the 1 Mistake Killing Your Blog Growth? 🕵️‍♀️ (Hint: It’s in Your Emails!)
  2. 🤯 You Won’t Believe What Happened When I Tried This Blogging Experiment! 
  3. Are You Making These 3 Silent Blog Traffic Killers? (Free Checklist!)
  4.  What Happens When You Finally Publish That Blog Post You’ve Been Putting Off? (Hint: It’s Amazing!)
  5.  We Found Your Lost Blog Readers! (They’re Hiding Here!)

Personalization + Emoji:

  1. 👋 [Name], You’re Invited to Our Exclusive Blogger Mastermind! 🎉 (Limited Spots!)
  2. 🎁 Happy Blogiversary, [Name]! 🥳 Here’s Your 🥳 Special Gift! 🎁
  3. 🥺 Oh No, [Name]! 😭 Don’t Let Your Blog Become a Ghost Town! 👻 (This Email Can Help!)
  4. 🎉 Congrats, [Name]! 🎉 You’re Our Top Commentator This Month! 🏆
  5. 🧠 Hey [Name], 👋 Time to Level Up Your Blogging Skills with This 🔥 Free Ebook! 🧠

Question + Emoji + Curiosity:

  1. 🤔 Did You Know This Tiny Blog Design Tweak Could 🚀 Skyrocket Your Engagement? 🤩
  2. 🤑 Is Your Content 💰 Making You Money? 🤔 This Email Will Tell You! 🤑
  3. 😱 You’ve Been Blogging Wrong All This Time! 🤯 (Here’s the Secret Fix!)
  4. 🤔 Can You Solve This Blogging Mystery? 🕵️‍♀️ (Hint: It’s in the Emojis!)
  5.  We Investigated 100 Blog Failures… 😱 This Was the #1 Reason! 😩 (Don’t Make These Mistakes!)

So, there you have it, email warriors! With these sizzling subject line tips in your arsenal, you’re ready to transform your inbox into a click-fest of epic proportions. Remember, it’s all about sparking curiosity, injecting personality, and making your emails irresistible. Now go forth and conquer those inboxes, leaving a trail of opened emails and satisfied readers in your wake. Just be careful, with subject lines this good, you might need a bigger inbox for all the replies and increase your open rate!

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