The Best Google SEO Tools Every Blogger Should Use
2 Aug, 2021

Being a blogger you’ve probably heard about how important SEO is. If you’re not too familiar which what SEO is and why need SEO to help rank your blog better in Google search. In this post, We’ll talk about The Best Google SEO Tools Every Blogger Should Use and how you can leverage these SEO tools.

the best seo tools every blogger should use

What is SEO?  (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Essentially, the idea behind it is that there are steps you need to take to get your blog to rank high in search engines. If you’re taking the time to write content, you want it to be found, right?! This is where SEO plays a major part in making your website rank better on Google.

Although, there are so many tools bloggers can use as a guide to improving your website’s SEO. In this post, I will be sharing only 3 Google SEO tools you can use. The last thing you want is to be overwhelmed by tons of tools and not sure what google SEO tools are worth your time

Here are Google SEO Tools Every Blogger Should Use


Google Search Console

Probably, one of the most popular free SEO tools you’ll ever use. With the Google Search Console SEO tool, you can learn about the overall health of your website and know where to make changes to ensure your site is performing well SEO-wise

Some features you’ll find most useful is under the SEARCH TRAFFIC dropdown.

With hosts;

  • Search Analytics

  • Links to Your Site

  • Internal Links

  • Manual Actions

  • International Targeting

  • Mobile Usability

Google Trends

If you’re finding it difficult to come up with content ideas for your blog. Google Trends is a nifty tool that can help you with that.

If you’re looking for fresh content ideas you can use Google Trends, which is essentially a Google tool that shows you what content is currently trending. You can narrow down your search to specific regions too.

Simply use keywords for Example; Instagram Planner – it gives you related searches people are searching on Google and how popular it is in certain countries. You can also compare search terms to see how they compare to each other. This tool is super insightful and can really help with creating content if you’re feeling stuck to come up with new ideas.

Google Keyword Planner 

Google’s Keyword Planner remains one of the best SEO tools for bloggers. This tool can help you uncover the best keywords in your niche.  The keyword planner allows you to dig up related long-tail keywords, this helps to rank your website easier.

It also gives you the average number of months searches, this will give you an indication of how popular the keyword is. You want to make sure to use a keyword that’s not highly competitive this will make it harder for you to rank for these specific keywords.

 These Google tools for SEO will help increase your SEO blog ranking.

I hope you guys found these top free tools for SEO optimization useful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. jenniferpickering22gmailcom

    I use all but Keyword Planner. Need to try that!JenniferCurated By Jennifer

    • Candice Sandler

      Google has so many great SEO tools that can help.

  2. Alice Anne

    I NEED this post – I am so rubbish with SEO, totally boggles me, I just get by as I do haha xx

    • Candice Sandler

      Haha, I am glad I could helpful shed some light on Google SEO.

  3. Rachel

    I definitely don’t use Key Word planner as much as I should do!

  4. Tracy Mercedes

    I need to figure out the Goolgle search console. I didn’t realize that my site wasn’t associate with it!TracyFindYourDazzle

  5. Siobhán

    This is such a helpful and informative post! x

  6. lauralouiseforresthotmailcouk

    Teach me everything please!! I’m awful with SEO x

  7. jasminestewart3382

    I think I need to spend some time working on SEO as it’s not something I tend to focus on but really does help with trafficJasmine xx


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